Applied Physics

Scientific Consulting

Applied Physics provides scientific consulting to organizations across the private, public, and government sectors. Our team of scientists and engineers will provide guidance and direction for scaling long-term solutions for your nation or company. We specialize in a wide range of practical and high-scale mathematical modeling, physical, and engineering problems, including those related to astrophysics, architecture, aerospace defense, machine learning, electromechanical engineering, quantum mechanics, and material science. Our work showcases our team’s unique ability to establish historical paradigms in physics, math, and technology.

Need a Fresh Pair of Eyes?

Please detail the goal(s) you are trying to achieve by contacting us via our encrypted email server: Goals at Applied Physics dot org. We will provide complimentary feedback on your current plan, if it’s physically achievable and, if we can, assist you in reducing time and costs.  

DLA: CAGE code available upon request.