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Applied Physics is an independent group of scientists, engineers, and inventors that advises companies and governments on science and technology for both humanitarian and commercial applications.

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A Rebirth in Research & Development

We are the world’s first Public Benefit research institute that runs fully independent of any governmental or academic institution. We specialize in a wide range of practical and high-scale mathematical modeling, physical, and engineering problems, including those related to astrophysics, architecture, aerospace defense, electromechanical engineering, machine learning, quantum mechanics, and material science.

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Accelerating Physics Research - Applied Physics

Physical Warp Drives

The Alcubierre warp drive is a novel solution in general relativity. It allows for superluminal travel at the cost of enormous amounts of matter with negative mass density. For this reason, the Alcubierre warp drive has been widely considered unphysical (not possible per physics). In this study, we have developed a model of a general warp drive spacetime in classical relativity that encloses all existing warp drive definitions and allows for new metrics without the most serious issues present in the Alcubierre solution…

Applied Physics