About Applied Physics

Applied Physics ® is an elite cadre of scientists and engineerswho provide scientific solutions to companies and governments for both humanitarian and commercial applications. Our portfolio of patents offers simple, low-cost, and scalable solutions for large-scale problems.

Our team comprises diverse international experts with advanced knowledge in virtually every field of physics, computer science, and engineering. We operate as a Public Benefit Company in the United States, dedicated to serving humanity. With math and science as our universal languages, we can break down barriers and collectively address the world’s most pressing challenges.  We seek talented, motivated, and empathetic individuals who are passionate about making a difference.


Advanced Propulsion Laboratory

The Advanced Propulsion Laboratory ® (APL) is a specialized aerospace research lab within [Λ] Applied Physics. At APL, our work ranges from warp field mechanics and gravitational ranging to desktop black holes and the development of warp drive modeling software. This spectrum of innovation illustrates the potential unleashed by adequate resources, proper support, and a passion for the stars. We are seeking individuals who share our passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. If you are motivated to explore emerging sciences and create groundbreaking solutions in warp field mechanics, we invite you to apply for a Warp Grant and join Applied Physics.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds and identities.

About Applied Physics

Applied Physics

We have no red tape,
politics, or archaic
structures to impede us.

Physical Warp Drives

Our Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

At Applied Physics®, our mission is to harness the collective power of science and innovation to solve large-scale global challenges. We aim to deliver simple, scalable, and cost-effective scientific solutions that benefit humanity, transcend borders, and promote a sustainable future. Through our diverse team of experts and robust patent portfolio, we empower companies and governments to achieve new heights in technology and social progress.


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to spearhead a global scientific revolution that transforms untapped potential into tangible achievements. We aim to cultivate a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, unlocking the vast potential of the human mind and spirit. Committed to challenging the limits of the conceivable, we invite thinkers and innovators from every background to join us. Together, we will shape a future where science and innovation create sustainable solutions for our planet’s most pressing challenges.