Warp drive

Constant Velocity Warp Drive

In this study, Applied Physics unveils a new type of warp drive—a theoretical method of space travel that complies with general relativity and operates at a constant subluminal speed without requiring unphysical forms of matter.

Known as the “Constant-Velocity Subluminal Warp Drive,” this model eliminates the need for the previously hypothesized “exotic” or negative forms of energy. By integrating a stable shell of ordinary matter with the shift vector of an Alcubierre-like drive, Applied Physics has developed a “warp bubble” capable of moving objects rapidly within the bounds of light speed.

This breakthrough represents the first numerical implementation of physical warp drives, made possible using the Warp Factory analysis tool developed at Applied Physics. Although this design requires significant energy, it demonstrates that warp effects can be achieved using conventional matter while adhering to known energy constraints. Applied Physics continues to make progress as humanity embarks on the Warp Age.

Warp Factory

Warp Factory

Warp Factory is a software toolkit created for analyzing warp drive spacetimes, developed at APL. It enables users to explore Einstein’s field equations, assess energy conditions, and calculate metric scalars. Additionally, it features 2D and 3D visual tools for displaying spacetime metrics and their related stress-energy tensors, facilitating the study and comprehension of these intricate spacetimes.

Explore Warp Factory on our GitHub and Gitbook, and join us in this exhilarating journey to shape the future of interstellar travel. The cosmos awaits, and with Warp Factory, we’re not just observing the stars— we’re reaching for them.

For a summary of its features, see our publication “Analyzing Warp Drive Spacetimes with Warp Factory.”

Recent publications

Physical Warp Drive Paper

We present a solution for a constant-velocity subluminal warp drive that satisfies all of the energy conditions. The solution uses a stable matter shell with an Alcubierre like shift vector, demonstrating that classic warp drive spacetimes can be made to satisfy the energy conditions by adding positive ADM mass.

Physical Warp drive

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Physical Warp Drives

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