Apply for a Warp Grant

The Warp Fund, established by the Advanced Propulsion Laboratory ® (APL) at Applied Physics, aims to fund the advancement of warp field mechanics. Following the announcement of Physical Warp Drives, APL is proud to provide the scientific community with $500,000 USD in Phase I warp grants. The first phase is dedicated to achieving incremental steps that will further our understanding of warp bubbles and their potential advancements in propulsion as humanity enters the Warp Age.

Apply for a Warp Grant


To apply for a Warp Grant, you must meet the following


Present novel incremental steps towards achieving physical warp drives. This may involve addressing existing open problems in warp drive theory, presenting a new warp drive metric, improving upon an existing class of metrics, assessing why certain energy condition violations may occur, how said violations can be avoided, amongst other proposals. Be creative.


We have a strong preference for physical warp drives in classical relativity. Physical warp drive metrics cannot have any negative energy or superluminal matter, i.e they cannot violate the Null, Weak or Dominant Energy Conditions.


We encourage diversification, but we will prioritize proposals from those with PhD and/or publication experience in relativity or closely related fields


You are passionate about science, tired of academic politics, and your inner ten-year-old is still alive and well.

We will request an interview if there
is interest in pursuing your proposal.

Please give our team time to review your application.
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