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We employ an open research model that thrives on collaboration and fosters integrity among a team of talented international researchers. By attracting some of the world’s most distinguished minds with our pioneering warp research, we are able to tackle seemingly impossible problems. At Applied Physics, we recognize that our ability to improve humanity is limited only by our imagination and passion. We are privately funded and require no outside capital; our work sustains itself. This means we operate without red tape, politics, or archaic structures impeding us. By working with us, you become part of a vetted cadre of scientists and engineers delivering high-impact solutions on a global scale.

We believe in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our team is committed to making breakthroughs that not only advance science but also create tangible benefits for society. Join us, and you’ll have the freedom to explore innovative ideas and the support to turn them into reality. At Applied Physics, your work will directly contribute to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Applied Physics

We have no red tape,
politics, or archaic
structures to impede us.

[Λ] Culture Makes us Different

Every Friday at Applied Physics, scientists from around the world gather for Technical Global Innovation Fridays (TGIF) to tackle pressing issues in developing nations. Right now, we’re focused on the e-waste problem in West Africa. Burning electronic waste to extract copper releases harmful substances like arsenic, lead, and mercury, causing severe health issues and birth defects.

To address this, we’re teaching West African communities how to use DIY sifters made from common, inexpensive materials to sift through e-waste. This method not only increases per capita income but, more importantly, significantly improves health by avoiding the harmful effects of burning e-waste. Through science, we aim to demonstrate more profitable and cleaner methods, providing a lasting solution, as knowledge is a source of enduring power.

Physical Warp Drives

Why Applied Physics?

At Applied Physics, we don’t just offer a job; we offer an opportunity to lead in scientific innovation. You’ll work on groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible, from advanced propulsion systems to next-generation semiconductors. Our collaborative culture ensures your ideas are valued, and our streamlined operations let you focus on solving complex problems.

Join our elite cadre of scientists delivering high-impact global solutions. We deliberately hire to create a high-functioning, supportive environment, filtering out problematic egos. Alongside competitive equity compensation, we offer respect and appreciation for our team members. You’ll work with top-tier talent from around the world, gain access to cutting-edge resources, and have the freedom to pursue your most ambitious ideas.

If you’re interested in joining Applied Physics, please highlight your problem-solving skills and personal character when you apply. By joining us, you’re not just contributing to the future of science—you’re helping to shape it. Remember, you can always return to your tenure position, but you can never go back to make history.

Careers at Applied Physics

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