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Venture Capital Diligence

CEOs lie, but Physics Doesn’t.
Investing in the latest technology is crucial to your role, but how do you know that the “latest and greatest” idea being pitched to you is legit? Unless you have a Ph.D. and expertise in that field, it can be difficult to assess whether you’re investing in the next SpaceX or another Theranos.

So have our global team of Ph.D. scientists and engineers do the assessments for you. We provide your fund with easy to read ratings and summaries, giving you the expertise needed to make the right decision fast and ensure that you are investing in real innovation, not a dead end or scheme.

Investing is complex, but our ratings are not.
We rate each company by comparing their claims against the published research and accepted science. We recommend that you only invest in companies we rate Real Deal or Moonshot, with Hot Air being much higher risk opportunities. We also provide technical consulting services to assist Real Deals and Moonshots in your portfolio achieve their goals.

Sample Scale: e.g. Old News – When old tech is pitched as a breakthrough

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*What’s a Fugazi? Well, if you have to ask… Theranos was a fugazi, and there are many more.

Applied Physics

We are privately funded and self-sustaining.
We have no red tape, politics, or archaic
structures to impede us.

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Hire the Λ-Team

Avoid the dreaded foist. We don’t just save you from fraud, we make sure you don’t miss out on great founders as let’s be honest, psychopaths are simply better presenters. There is no VC or PE fund without fraud, it’s just a question of how much.