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About Applied Physics

Applied Physics is an independent group of scientists, engineers, and inventors that advise companies and governments on science and technology for both commercial and humanitarian applications. We pride ourselves on our simple, low-cost, and scalable solutions to address a broad range of problems. Our advisory team consists of diverse international minds with advanced knowledge in nearly every field of physics, computer science, and engineering. With offices in neutral Sweden, and being a Public Benefit Company in the United States, our institute is structured to be wholly independent of any academic or government body, allowing us to pursue research solely for the public good. Our intellectual property portfolio showcases advancements in gravitational propulsion systems, energy-capturing technology, and affordable off-grid energy solutions. We also have an open-source patent arm developing life-saving innovations in ecological cooling systems, affordable housing technology, and perhaps your next big idea — we’re hiring!

Applied Physics

We are privately funded and self-sustaining.
We have no red tape, politics, or archaic
structures to impede us.

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